The Mayor of Kyiv Vitalii Klitschko is involved in a corruption scandal in advertising market

11.06.2015 19:32

The Ukrainian MP Vitalii Kuprii claims that the Mayor of Kyiv Vitalii Klitschko “covers” a corruption scheme in the advertising industry. In January, 2015 the Kyiv City Council authorized the illegal transfers of budgetary funds. This decision was made by the local deputies under pressure and direct command of Klitchko himself.

In his statement to the General prosecutor of Ukraine Viktor Shokin, the parliamentarian Kuprii insists that Vitalii Klitschko has committed a crime. “The Mayor is abusing his power by transferring budget money directly to an account of the municipal enterprise “Kyivreklama” that violates the budget legislation. The further destiny of those funds is obscure. This definitely causes a significant harm to the local community of Kiev because the money could be spent on some important social programs or on the city development projects”, - says Kuprii.

Klitschko himself denied any abuse of power and refused to take any measures to stop the corruption scheme. Mr. Kuprii also added that total amount of loss caused to community by the illegal transfer of funds is about 40 million hryvnia annually. “It becomes clear that the Mayor of Kyiv covers up the corruption personally due to the fact that he refused to address the issue”, – concluded the MP.

In view of the above, Mr. Kuprii asks the General prosecutor to stop the corruption scheme, file all relevant information about the criminal offense, start a pre-trial investigation of the abuse of power which led to severe consequences. The Ukrainian MP Vitalii Kuprii insists on a proper investigation of this crime in order to prosecute the Mayor of Kyiv Klitchko and force him to compensate the budget losses.