The Ukrainian parliament is not interested to investigate the Firtashgate scandal

28.05.2015 15:55

Each group and fraction of the Ukrainian Parliament didn't support a MP Mr. Vitalii Kuprii with his initiative to create an investigating commission on the case of political corruption among top officials.

The MP himself believes that creation of the commission is necessary and must be based on the statements of a Ukrainian oligarch Mr. Dmitry Firtash in court of Vienna. Exactly there he was recently questioned in an extradition process to USA, which accuses the oligarch in corruption.

Dmitro Firtash is well-known for making his fortune in the gas business between Russia and Ukraine, which was authorized by the former president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma and the current president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Mr. Firtash is believed to be a "Kremlin's agent" in Ukraine. He also allegedly has close ties with the Russian mafia and its kingpin Semion Mogilevich, who is one of the top ten FBI's most wanted criminals. Firtash's close ties with Russia become obvious considering the record bail of €125 million that was paid by Russian business in order to keep the controversial oligarch out of jail during the inquiry process.

During the 12-hour court session, which took place in Vienna on May 1, 2015, Dmitro Firtash said under oath that during the presidential elections in Ukraine a year ago he met with then-candidate Petro Poroshenko and other influential Ukrainian politicians. This news was shocking for the most of Ukrainians because it appeared that one of the meeting attendants was Mr. Sergei Lyovochkin who is the former head of the Yanukovych Presidential Administration and now MP from the "Opposition Bloc" party (former “Party of Regions”).

It is logical to assume that Dmitro Firtash could discuss with Poroshenko, in particular, the conditions under which Russia and the “Party of Regions” will assist his victory in the elections. Later on Poroshenko defeated his opponents in one round with help of Firtash-Levochkin media empire, which includes the popular TV channel "Inter".

MP Vitaly Kupriy turned to his colleagues with a proposal to investigate the circumstances of this plot and whether the Ukrainian society was harmed because of it. In case of existence of a Russian-Ukrainian oligarchic conspiracy many of the current events in Ukraine can be explained.

It becomes clear:
• Why Petro Poroshenko personally commanded to violate art.8 of the European Union Association Agreement with Ukraine, not to ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which has jurisdictional power to put in jail Russian army officials and President Putin personally for the crimes in Donbass.
• Why the Ukrainian government does not impose the martial law and keeps on trading relations with aggressor.
• Why Petro Poroshenko himself continues to expand his chocolate business of "Roshen" corporation (including in the city of Lipetsk in Russia) and pays taxes to the aggressor, who kills the Ukrainians in Donbass.
• Why the corrupt Yanukovych's government associates or those responsible for killing peaceful protesters during the Revolution of Dignity have not stood trial yet.

Unfortunately even such a parliamentary faction as "Samopomich" has chosen a conflict-free path with Petro Poroshenko and refused to support Mr. Vitalii Kuprii's initiative to create the investigating commission. The abovementioned fact shows that the current Ukrainian Parliament has no desire to know the truth about the reasons behind the failure of reforms and almost all MPs are happy with the status quo.