The Ukrainian President Poroshenko’s $25 million corruption scandal will be investigated

22.05.2015 16:56

The Ukrainian MPs - Mr. V. Kuprii, Mr. B.Filatov, Mr. V.Parasiuk, Mr. I. Lutsenko - ask the General Prosecutor to investigate a crime allegedly committed by Petro Poroshenko and his former business-partner Igor Kononenko in 2009. The issue was raised by journalists from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Results of their investigation were also published at one of the leading Ukrainian Internet-media “Ukrainian Truth” on the 18th of May, 2015.

According to the report 2 municipal blocks of land (1 ha in total) in the most expensive district of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv were illegally privatized with a zero payment to the budget. The market value of this land was $25 million at the time of crime.

In 2007 Igor Kononenko became a co-owner of “Zelenbudservice” LTD which had a 10-year leasing agreement with Kyiv City Council for the abovementioned land located at 5, Radialna St. Later on the business entity changed its status from “LTD” to “Building cooperative” with 12 members. Half of them allegedly were close associates and subordinates of Poroshenko and Kononenko. Those people were not homeless and had high incomes. Therefore according to the local legislation they did not have rights for free privatization of land.

The journalists from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty claim that after this the land title was transferred to another private company “UKRSEL” by an obscure scheme of mortgage and third-party guaranty. At the end this company sold those 2 blocks of land to Poroshenko and Kononenko but the company manager says that he did not receive any money because he only fulfilled someone’s will. So committing a chain of fraud acts the criminals actually stole the municipal property – 2 blocks of land with a value of an average Ukrainian salary for 10 000 years of hard work.

On the 19th of May, 2015 the MPs demanded from the General Prosecutor to start a criminal case, thoroughly investigate all the circumstances, punish the guilty and return the stolen property to Kyiv’s residents. According to the article 214 of the Ukrainian Criminal Process Code the investigation must start automatically within 24 hours after such a claim.